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Roll on, roll off

Starke Cycles allows the driver alone to load and unload cargo directly from the ground, with the built-in electric winch system. No supporting cargo handling equipment or facilities are required.

Patent pending

Reshaping city cargo logistics

We produce electrically assisted cargo vehicles for climate friendly last mile deliveries.
Starke Cycles are rugged, efficient and compatible with existing logistic infrastructure.

The problem

Transporting goods and people in cities usually means trucks and vans, pollution, noise and traffic jams. E-commerce grows each year, and deliveries cannot be solved by pushing more vans and trucks into city centres.
A better last mile solution is needed.

And it has to be a solution that is compatible with the existing logistics infrastructure. It must not disturb the transport chain, or add hassle or cost. In our associate delivery service MOVEBYBiKE we have experience from several bike vehicles.

There is no vehicle on the market fulfilling these requirements, so we decided to develop one.

Our solution

Starke Cycles is cost efficient, it takes the shortest routes using bike lanes, and it can carry almost any cargo.

Our cargo vehicle, the "container bike", takes two EU pallets and up to 300 kg, with a top speed of 25 km/h. It is assisted by a 1000 W engine with battery capacity for a full work day. We have a patent pending for our unique roll on, roll off solution for loading and unloading.
DHL uses Starke Cycles. It has room for two Euro pallets.

Better last mile distribution

Today, trucks and vans are loaded in cargo hubs, for distribution of goods in city centres. A more efficient way, could be to load the cargo on pallets or in containers, and to load these on trucks which deploy them within the city perimeter.
Cargo bikes pick up the pallets and containers for last mile delivery. Thanks to the roll on, roll off system, the driver alone can load and unload the cargo without assistance.

Logistics cloud platform

By going on streets, bike lanes and taking shortcuts, cargo bikes give superior door-to-door speed in cities.
The Starke Cycles onboard IT/IoT system provides driver support, fleet management, and integration with our cloud-based routing and parcel tracking systems powered by Myloc Logistics.

The team behind Starke Cycles

 Johan Wedin, inventor and chief designer Founder of MOVEBYBiKE delivery service in 2012. Johan has an extensive background within logistics and heavy vehicles. During the years with MOVEBYBiKE, Johan has collected experience from bike deliveries and the requirements for a heavy cargo bike. No vehicle is available on the market which fulfills the requirements, which is one of the reasons Johan took initiative to create the optimal cargo vehicle.

 Nils Wedin, designer Co-founder of MOVEBYBiKE delivery service in 2012, and Johan's son. Nils is a dedicated biker and an experienced mechanic and problem solver.

 Staffan Sölve, project leader Runs a franchise of MOVEBYBiKE in Lund since 2014. Master of Science with a background as a mechanical engineer, and also has his own IT business.

Lean machines

Cargo bikes are superior to trucks and delivery cars in cities, in terms of environmental impact, physical footprint and personal safety. Cargo bikes weigh less, occupy less space in the street and allow better eyes-'n-ears driver interaction in traffic. Riding on bike lanes and shortcuts increases safety, and gives door-to-door speed matching other vehicles in the city.


The low weight and shorter routes door-to-door give a very low energy consumption. The CO2 footprint savings exceed 1 kg per 10 kilometers compared to combustion engine vehicles. The energy consumption is less than 10% compared to other electric vehicles. Of course this is a bike, and pedals help the driver increase range and torque by muscle power.


We create flexible modules for various transport needs.
All modules are based on the roll on, roll off platform. The platforms can be interchanged quickly, between applications such as cargo containers, open flatbed platforms, taxi cabins, food trucks etc.

Roll on, roll off system (patent pending)

A winch system allows the driver to position the cargo module as a loading ramp, or easily change application modules, or pick up pre-packed cargo containers at a micro-hub for last mile distribution.

Sample applications

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Starke Cycles

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211 30 Malmö, Sweden

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Invest in Starke Cycles

Starke ECB AB with the brand Starke Cycles, is a private limited company. We have closed a succesful funding round. and we now have the finances to take us through all the steps involved to meet our plan for product launch and first sales. On our premises in Malmö, we are setting up an efficient production facility for assembling and delivering hand-built Starke Cycles. This means we expect a positive cash flow very soon.

But we are aiming for more. We plan for growth in sales and production. Additional funding may be required for further expansion, in Sweden, Europe and other parts of the world. Please contact us if you are interested in investing in our company, and to be part of reshaping city cargo logistics.